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About Safari World Bangkok

Safari World Bangkok, one of Thailand's most popular tourist attractions, is spread across 200 acres and offers a variety of unique and thrilling experiences for the whole family to enjoy. Divided into two themed sections, the park gives you the best of both the land and marine wildlife. Inspired by the African landscape, the zoo attracts visitors from across the world with its diverse collection of birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, and other animals and numerous exciting shows and performances.

The Safari Park allows visitors to observe hundreds of exotic species in their natural habitats, including giraffes, deer, lions, tigers, ostriches, zebras, and birds. A vast collection of aquatic wildlife, including seals, sharks, and dolphins, live in Marine Park. Additionally, you may see adorable creatures perform feats alongside pros in eight shows, including the dolphin show, orangutan boxing, and seal show. There is also an Egg Island which exhibits all of the birds' eggs. Spy Wars is another adrenaline-pumping adventure that transports you to the wild west's fiery world.

There are also two restaurants on-site, Jungle Cruise and Safari, where you can replenish your palate with world-class Thai and international food. You can opt to visit either one or both of these parks when you book your Safari World tickets online. Plan a trip to Safari World Bangkok Thailand to see both aquatic and terrestrial animals in one place!


Why to Book Safari World Bangkok Tickets?


  • Visit Safari World Bangkok, which is separated into two themes, to see both land and marine animals.
  • Spot hundreds of wild animals in their natural habitat in Safari Park or a large variety of aquatic animals in Marine Park.
  • Get entertained through the various animal shows and jungle safari, or experience an adrenaline rush with exciting activities like the Jungle Cruise and Spy War.
  • Get deep into the park's exotic jungles on an exhilarating water-rummage adventure with the Jungle Cruise or take a Jungle Walk to spot some lovely animals.
  • Witness dolphins performing interesting acts, watch Orangutan Boxing Show or be astounded by the large variety of exotic birds in the Bird Show.
  • Enjoy an action-packed performance by cowboys in Spy War or be amazed by skilled elephant antics.
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What To Explore In Safari World Bangkok?

Safari World Bangkok is a family destination where visitors may see over 100 different animals in their natural habitat! The Safari Park is an open zoo of land animals, while the Marine Park is well-known for its sea creatures and numerous shows. Visitors to the park may experience everything the area has on offer via a jungle safari or jungle cruise.

Safari Park has a herbivores zone, a carnivorous section, and a waterbird sanctuary with a vast collection of exotic species. The Marine Park's primary draw is its shows, which feature animals performing various acts. Egg Island is another attraction where visitors may view the eggs of the park's birds.

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Safari park.jpg
Safari Park

The Safari Park, the largest section of the Bangkok Zoo Safari World, is home to vast herds of Asian and African animals and various free-flying waterbirds. You can easily visit the animals in this eight-km stretch that reflects the Savannah ecology with a 50-minute jungle safari, a drive-through trip.

The major drive-through, herbivorous section, part is highly forested, with animals such as giraffe, zebra, Impala, rhinoceros, Indian gaur, Blackbuck, and Sambar deer inhabiting the area. Separated by gates, the carnivorous section is home to lions, tigers, and bears. A large waterbird sanctuary borders the park and is home to numerous pelicans, storks, cranes, and many other birds.

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marine world.jpg
Marine World

Safari World's Marine Park is devoted to marine wildlife and features performances by a range of animals and their trainers. Additionally, there is Egg Island, which is home to a variety of bird eggs and is an excellent location for expanding your bird knowledge.

Eight performances are held on a regular basis at the Marine Park. You'll enjoy seeing the elephants perform and laugh as you watch the orangutans grapple and fight. Sea lions will dazzle you with their dance moves, and you'll be astounded by the antics of dolphins. After exploring Safari Park, spend the afternoon at Marine World, which is covered and offers a wonderful time filled with fun, thrills, and excitement.

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jungle walk.jpg
Jungle Walk

Enjoy a walk through a dense jungle, where you'll come face to face with a variety of local animals that live in the wild. During your walk, you may come across animals like zebras, giraffes, gazelles, camels, and an incredible variety of birds.

Visit the giraffe feeding platform, where you can feed the giraffes bananas and see them extend their black tongues to obtain their food. It's a fantastic experience to be up close and personal with so many friendly creatures while surrounded by lovely sceneries. Follow your guide's instructions during the walk as the jungle is dense, and you may get lost in it.

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jungle cruise.webp
Jungle Cruise

The jungle cruise is one of the best ways to get your adrenaline pumping in the Safari World Bangkok. Offering a fantastic combination of a safari and a cruise, it allows you to see the animals of Asia and Africa from the safety of your boat.

This 30-minute jungle cruise takes you deep into a tropical forest, where you will get the opportunity to witness gorillas, crocodiles, elephants, and many more wild animals in their natural habitat. You will definitely love the experience of watching these wild animals while sailing through the beautiful scenery around.

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What Not To Miss in Safari World Bangkok?

Safari World Bangkok Thailand is more than just an exhilarating jungle safari or a boat cruise. Visitors can enjoy a variety of interesting shows throughout the day. The Stunt Show allows you to watch cowboys and robbers perform amazing stunts. The Spy War Show features spectacular jaw-dropping Para-trooping stunts and special effects.

The relaxing chirping sound and vibrant colors of the Bird Show make it a must-see for anyone who loves birds. The Sea Lion Show is adorable, with the devoted seals waiting for your attention. Dolphins' ability to jump and catch balls is astounding. Watching orangutans fight is a lot of fun. You will be left speechless and unable to forget these experiences.

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bird show.jpg
Bird Show

One of the star attractions of the Bangkok Zoo Safari World is the colorful, chirpy birds in the aviary farm. You will see the acrobatic talents and athleticism display of these flying creatures that will leave you speechless. You'll be charmed by the innocence of these adorable birds.

Here, you can get up close and personal with over a hundred different types of birds, and even feed them with your hands. If lucky, a small little birdie or a parakeet will come to sit on your arm and amaze you. You will undoubtedly enjoy the experience and admire nature's creation.

Timings: Monday to Friday: 3:45 PM Sunday and Saturday: 11:00 AM and 3:45 PM

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Elephant Show.jpg
Elephant Show

The elephant show is a wonderful display that showcases the antics of trained elephants in a variety of settings. Watching them balance on small stools and cross a small and slender bridge is astonishing. Additionally, witnessing them play football is a sight to behold in itself.

Viewing them cross over the laying people is although frightening, but it will leave you with unforgettable recollections of the experience. This roughly 20 minutes elephant show is one of the most exciting attractions of Safari World Bangkok.

Timings: Monday to Friday: 2:15 PM Sunday and Saturday: 2:15 PM, 3:45 PM

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Orangutan show.jpg
Orangutan Show

The Orangutan Boxing Show is one of the star attractions of the Safari World Bangkok that will unquestionably brighten your day, making you feel better. You will be entertained as the craziest and hairiest champions vie against one another for the title of Wild's Best Boxer.
You will undoubtedly burst out laughing as you watch them perform one hilarious trick after another. It's impossible not to smile while watching them juggle coconuts and sway upside down from the swinging bars. This Orangutan show is a riot of laughter rather than a boxing match.

Timings: Monday to Friday: 10:20 AM Sunday and Saturday: 10:20 AM and 3:45 PM

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sea lion show.jpg
Sea Lion Show

The park's most mischievous creatures, sea lions, perform a number of tricks for the delight of the crowd during this famous show. They are the park's most famous attractions and will make you fall in love with them through their playful antics.

Watching them balance balls on their nose is incredible so is seeing them taking over the stage and performing a variety of other amusing feats. They will lead you on a tour around the Pacific coast and leave you speechless through their twists, turns, and upside-down moves.

Timings: Monday to Friday: 11:00 AM Sunday and Saturday: 11:00 AM and 4:15 PM

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cowboy show.jpg
Cowboy Stunt

Modeled around a Hollywood action movie, this show features performers dressed as cowboys performing a variety of thrilling stunts onstage. With this show, Safari World Bangkok takes you on a journey to the lawless wild west. You will see power-packed action between cowboys and bandits for dominance.

Elaborate knock-downs, bullwhips, gunfights, fistfights, horseplay, explosives, special effects and much more are there to make the show more realistic and entertaining. Attend this thrilling show which is the world's most funny adventure packed with the most unexpected dramatic twists and turns!

Timings: Monday to Friday: 11:40 AM Sunday and Saturday: 11:00 AM and 4:40 PM

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dolphin show.jpg
Dolphin Show

Enjoy one of the most unusual experiences in the Marine Park by seeing dolphins perform somersaults or play with a ball. It's a joy to see these clever animals put on a fantastic show for their audience.

These friendly fish can perform even the most challenging stunts during the show, making the show a favorite amongst visitors. Aside from their fantastic skills like singing and dancing, you may also get a kiss and a handshake from them. It's an amazing experience when you're able to interact with a real dolphin!

Timings: Monday to Sunday: 1:45 PM

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Know Before You Go Safari World Bangkok

Essential Information
How To Reach
Show Timings

Location: 99 Panya Indra Rd, Khwaeng Sam Wa Tawan Tok, Khet Khlong Sam Wa, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10510, Thailand

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Safari World Bangkok is in the winter months of December and January for pleasant temperatures. Book your Safari World tickets during the week to avoid crowds and reach the park early in the morning, close to the opening hours, to make the most of your trip.


Monday to Friday:

Safari Park: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Marine Park: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday:

Safari Park: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Marine Park: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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Tips to visit Safari World Bangkok

  • Purchase an all-inclusive park ticket to Safari Zoo Bangkok to get the most out of your visit.
  • Between 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM is a good time to visit because you may observe the animals being fed.
  • Dress comfortably and in comfy shoes as there is a lot of walking.
  • Wear sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and a hat or scarf to protect yourself from the sun.
  • You can bring your kids and the elderly with you to the park because there are strollers and wheelchairs to help you get around at a nominal cost.
  • All children under the height of 100 cm are also free to enter Safari World Bangkok Thailand.
  • You can also feed the animals at the park with the food you buy there for an extra fee.

Safari World Bangkok FAQs

Why is Safari World Bangkok so famous?

Safari World Bangkok Thailand is renowned as one of the top family attractions in the country. It is home to approximately a hundred animals from all over the world. It combines a Safari Park and a Marine Park, offering an unmatched full-scale experience for wildlife and environment enthusiasts. Here, visitors can observe a variety of exotic land animals, marine life, birds and enjoy incredible animal performances featuring orangutans, dolphins, and more.

Are outside eatables allowed inside Safari World Bangkok?

No, outside eatables are not allowed inside the Safari Zoo Bangkok. There are two restaurants that serve Thai dishes and various wagons serving snacks, beverages, and ice creams, so you need not worry about the food and drinks.

Are people allowed to feed the animals inside Safari World Bangkok?

Yes, you may feed park animals, but you must purchase the food from the park. The food is not included in the Bangkok Zoo Safari World package.

What are the different facilities available in Safari World Bangkok?

  • Wheelchair and Stroller Rental
  • Two Restaurants and Many Wagons
  • First Aid Facility
  • Doctor and Nurses
  • Coaches (super deluxe, deluxe, and mini)
  • Parking
  • Free Shuttle between parking and the park
  • Information Center
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Storage Facility
  • Souvenir Store

What is the best time to visit Safari World Bangkok?

The best time to visit Bangkok Zoo Safari World is during the winter months when the weather is lovely and during the weekdays when the crowd is less. Additionally, it is preferable to arrive close to the park's opening times for additional time to tour the park and see the acts.

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